• Full of natural fibre..
  • Large value pack..
  • Ready-to-use..
  • Ideal for those following the Dukan diet..
  • Packed in the UK..
  • Imported from UK.
Oat Bran 1kg (Healthy Supplies). 100% Oat Bran - 1kg pack Full of natural fibre. Large value pack. Ready-to-use. Ideal for those following the Dukan diet. Packed in the UK. 1kg pack. Oat Bran is a nutritious ingredient for adding fibre and protein to biscuit, cake and pastry. The bran has can also been sprinkled into porridge, muesli or pancake mix. The fibre and protein content is useful for making nutritious smoothies for those on a calorie controlled diet and those wanting to improve their digestion naturally. See Also... Oat Bran 1kg, Organic (Sussex Wholefoods) Organically grown oat bran. Oat Bran Cupcakes - Recipe Recipe Suggestion! These oat bran cupcakes are made mainly out of oat bran. They can be enjoyed by all people, including those on the Dukan Diet. Ingredients: 100% Oat Bran. (Produce of the UK & EU) Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy 364kcal Protein 13. 4g Carbohydrates 47. 3g _of which sugars 1. 2g Fat 9. 4g _of which saturates 1. 8g _of which mono-unsaturates 3. 7g _of which polyunsaturates 3. 5g Fibre 18. 2g Salt (naturally occurring sodium) 0. 003g ?-Glucans 6. 2g on a dry weight basis