• Ultra Responsive, Premium brush metal finish Keyboard & Mouse for enhanced multimedia experience..
  • Dual membrane for overall protection. High Quality soft push keys for 5 million keystrokes. Extended cable length 1.8 meters.
  • Full-size layout yet streamlined keyboard design. Multimedia keyboard: 104 keys + 8 hot keys..
  • Smooth responsive cursor control with easy scrolling. Mouse Tracking System: Optical motion estimation technology, Imaging Rate: 3300 frames/sec, Tracking Speed: Up to 30 inches/sec.
  • Advanced optical navigation technology for high precision operation..
  • Professional Optical sensor of 1000 dpi, IC Mosart 7515 for Mouse, High Quality switches for 2 million left/right clicks & 1 million center clicks..
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  • Imported from INDIA.
Size name:HP Slim Wired Keyboard + Mouse HP India launches “Ultra Responsive” wired keyboard and mouse combo to enhance your multimedia experience. Professional Optical Sensor with High precision accuracy optical IC chips: ATC7515/SPCP. Energy Saving Design with switch off-on button and standby function. Windows and MAC compatible. A cost effective solution with chic and stylish finish lending you comfort with unique design. It’s urban chic brush metal finish makes it stand out amongst the crowd of regular boring accessories. Streamlined layout of keyboard with multimedia keys that provide enhanced multimedia experience at one touch. Ergonomically designed mouse and advanced control keyboard with sealed membrane for overall protection. It serves perfect for professional and gaming use. The keyboard is tested for its durability and can endure up to 5 million key strokes. So type on without worrying about your keyboard as it will last for a long time. The easy plug and play mode of the keyboard makes it easier to connect to any PC or laptop without any software installations. The chocolate pattern keys make the keys less noisy and lets you work with ease in a quiet environment. You can adjust the tilt of the keyboard to fit your comfort level to fit it right ergonomically. The Keyboard comes with an equally efficient high definition optical mouse. The optical mouse has a highly responsive cursor control and smooth tracking. The high definition mouse has a resolution of 1000 dpi optical tracking efficiency. The precision control of the mouse makes it a good choice for efficient output.